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Why mock interview is important for UPSC aspirants

With the preliminary and the mains round of the UPSC Civil Services examinations now over, aspirants who have cleared the tests are now gearing up for the final round – personality test/interview. While aspirants might have gotten confident by now having cleared the two written rounds, it should not be ignored that the interview round is also a key test and students should prepare themselves thoroughly for it.

The primary thing to remember about the personality test is that it is not a test of an individual’s knowledge. It is also not an ideal question and answers session and what kind of answers a candidate is giving and whether it is correct or not is not that much significant. The personality test is like the art of revealing different traits in the personality of an aspirant that s/he will need during her/his entire career. The entire concept of the personality test is to check all the multi-faceted traits in the personality of a candidate, which will make him/her a successful civil servant.

To effectively prepare for the UPSC civil services interview round, aspirants should go through multiple mock interviews by associating with institutions of repute. For the last two decades, Chanakya Academy has been conducting mock interviews and imparting training to prepare several aspirants for civil services interviews in a very stimulated condition.

To equip the students with the best training and make them prepared for the interview, Chanakya Academy provides seasoned panellists, who had been working in the field for decades. The academy ensures that the training programmes developed should work on students coming from different backgrounds and how they can package themselves to be present before the board.

Considering that the questions during the UPSC civil services interview will be very diverse, Chanakya Academy, during the mock tests, makes aspirants practice questions from news and current affairs. Students also get a holistic idea of what type of questions might be asked during the interview. Another key focus of Chanakya is to impart training on a candidate’s presentation and grooming – how they dress up, their body language, how they enter the room, etc. It is imperative to remember that during the interviews both the verbal and non-verbal traits of a candidate are evaluated. Chanakya further ensures that the atmosphere created during the mock interviews is similar to the actual ones.

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