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I did my preparation from Chanakya IAS Academy, Chandigarh branch. I would like to share this with all the aspirants and future administrators that my learning experience at Chanakya IAS Academy has been incredibly good and supportive. I received the utmost support from all the faculty members and the administrative staff. I feel glad that I chose Chanakya IAS Academy as a mentor during my preparation, as it has played a very vital role throughout my journey because of which I could achieve this success. I hope that I become an able administrator and serve the country in the best possible manner.
-Sanya Chhabara, IAS, Rank – AIR 84, CSE 2018

Right Guidance is very important in this exam and Chanakya IAS Academy has played that role in my UPSC journey. I would like to thank all the faculties for their guidance and advice. I’ll always be grateful to them.
Saumya Pandey, IAS, Rank 4,CSE 2016

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The mains test series at Chanakya ias academy was very helpful during my mains preparation. The quality of questions and the evaluation done by the teachers is at our with the standards of civil services. The model answers also provide a detailed picture of the important topics for mains examination.
Anuj Malik ,IAS, Rank 16,CSE 2016

I would like to thank Chanakya IAS Academy for its support and guidance during my UPSC journey. They have played a big role in my success and I thank them for it.
-Abhilash Mishra ,IAS, Rank 5,CSE 2016

I have gone through the test series of chanakya ias academy. I really like the approachable format, all round coverage of important topics, preciseness and student friendliness. It covers all the relevant topics and the current issues and does not make questions more cumbersome which helps student to cover all aspects of the subject. I personally recommend it.
-Abhilasha Sharma ,IAS, Rank 68,CSE 2016

I found Chanakya IAS Academy’s services to students very focussed and holistic. AK Mishra Sir’s personal guidance is of great help to the students. The mock interviews at Chanakya are very useful in fine tuning the interview preparation.
-Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan ,IAS, Rank 2,CSE 2015

When i started preparing for UPSC, i was constantly in touch with AK Mishra Sir. He understood my nature and the nature of the exam so well that he guided me at various steps. The comprehensive integrated plan that Chanakya offers is a hand holding excercise where they guide you from the very 1st stage! I will forever be grateful for the constant guidance and support.
-Suharsha Bhagat IAS,Rank 5,CSE 2014

Right Guidance is very important in this exam and Chanakya IAS Academy has played that role in my UPSC journey. I would like to thank all the faculties for their guidance and advice. I’ll always be grateful to them.
-Pulkit Garg, AIR 27, CSE 2015

Like everyone, I had a dream to grab such an opportunity but had scepticism about achieving it. It was ‘The Art of Success’ lectures that gave me the aplomb and I accomplished my quest.
-Medha Roopam, IAS, CSE 2013

Grateful to Chanakya as it enlightened my way to success and helped me achieve my goal. Thank you Mishra Sir for your care and guidance.
-Ajay Katesaria, IAS CSE 2011

Chanakya IAS Academy seems to be the best thing happened to me. It not only made me come out in flying colors but also made me realise the need of the hour and encourage me to serve the society with my best.
-Chandini Singh, IAS, CSE 2012

I am extremely grateful to AK Mishra Sir for helping me throughout till the end. I wish all the best to the future aspirants.
-Sneha Dubey, IFS, CSE 2011

When I joined Chanakya IAS Academy, I was an under confident youth who was as yet unaware of his potential, however after a personal interaction with Success Guru AK Mishra, that the diamond that I was searching for in the outside world, was actually within me, that even though I was aware of his presence, I was unable to make it glitter. It is thanks to Chanakya IAS Academy that I was able to realize the diamond within me!
-Adapa Kartik, IAS, CSE 2007

The journey from a Charted Accountant to an IAS was only possible because my family had faith in me, they stood by me throughout, i also extend my gratitude to AK Mishra Sir for guiding me during my course of preparation and showing the right path.
-Namit Mehta, IAS, CSE 2011

Chanakya Paved the way to my success in becoming an IPS officer. I will remain grateful to Success Guru AK Mishra Sir and Chanakya Academy. I wish all the best for future aspirants who have made their wise choice to become a part and parcel of this legacy.
-Kumar Ashish, IPS, CSE 2011

I got the guidance from Chanakya IAS Academy, Ranchi Centre while pursuing graduation that helped me to create a strong base and sail through successfully. The Art of Success lectures are highly motivating. Its Interview guidance programme is great innovation and exceptional. Overall the institute is contributing its mite in nurturing leaders of tomorrow.
-Naveen Kumar, IFS, CSE 2010

Chanakya IAS Academy has been doing stupendous work over the years, specially Success Guru AK Mishra Sir’s Art of Success Programme which has awakened many minds. I would also like to thank Success Guru AK Mishra Sir for personally guiding me during the course of my preparation. I would request the entire Chanakya fraternity to continue with the good works and wish them good luck for the future.
-Kumar Gaurav, IFS, CSE 2010

Chanakya IAS Academy is the pioneer institute which has successfully converted the dreams of hundreds of aspirants into a reality. This is one Academy which provides a complete solution to the students preparing for CSE. The focus is on providing holistic education not only covering the basic syllabus but also enabling the students to face other challenges of life with equal ease.
-Kankipati Rajesh, IAS, CSE 2010

It was in the last year of my graduation, that I took part in Success Guru A K Mishra’s ART of SUCCESS seminar . This seminar gave such a clear picture of the grand life of a civil servant, that I realized then and there that I wanted be a part of this prestigious service. I joined Chanakya IAS Academy that very year and it was due to the guidance and support that I received from Chanakya IAS Academy, that I was able to realize my dream today! Thank you Chanakya IAS Academy.
-Yunus, IAS, CSE 2009

Chanakya IAS Academy is not only an academic institute but it is also a life enriching institute. Through its unique method of teaching such as the Delhi tours, ART of SUCCESS seminars, interview guidance programs, it instilled in me the confidence to be able to visualize myself as a civil servant.
-Tarun Kumar Pithode, IAS, CSE 2008

Everyone has dreams, so did I of being a part of the Indian Bureaucracy. Success Guru AK Mishra helped me to nourish my dream. I could not clear even after 3 attempts and being disheartened went back to my hometown but there I realized I have to do something better in life and came back to Delhi. Mishra Sir not only guided me but gave me that confidence which helped me to sail through the rough water and today I am a proud IRS officer.
-Anjani Pandey, IRS, CSE 2009

It’s been an immense pleasure to be a part of Chanakya IAS Academy, the academy helped me at every step to understand the various nuances of UPSC and perform as per expectations.
Amit Saini, IAS, CSE 2006

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