6 Sectional Test Papers + 4 Full Length Tests + 2 Essay (In both English and Hindi medium)

Intended objective of CMTS – 2020 is an intellectual exercise which aims to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates with a quest to develop and inculcate a better understanding of all relevant issues, ability to analyse, and take a view on a variety of subjects in sync with requirements of UPSC  descriptive exam. There is a well established fact that answer writing simulation exercise is considered sine-qua non to clear Civil Services Mains Examination. The ever evolving and dynamic nature of GS papers in recent past makes it obligatory for the aspirant to practice and inculcate the art of effective, relevant, meaningful and succinct answers. CMTS -2020 is a simulation exercise for sincere Civil Services aspirants who wish to keep the competitive edge in this exam. Quest of our Test series is to cover entire Civil Services Main Exam syllabus in a systematic and proactive manner which will help candidates to score high marks in the exam. Keeping with this spirit, Chanakya IAS Academy brings to you the most comprehensive – Chanakya Mains Test Series program (CMTS). Our quest is to help you in fine tuning your answer writing skills and ensuring that you make the maximum utilization of 3 hours in exam.



Fee Structure

Module 1

₹ 12,500/-


Module 2

₹ 6,500/-


Salient Features

  • CMTS will consist of total 12 papers, judiciously subdivided into 6 sectional tests, E STRUCTURE 4 full length mock tests, 2 Essay papers

  • Intensive coverage of syllabus in a systematic manner

  • Robust feedback mechanism of copy evaluation by subject experts in time bound manner

  • Detailed explanation of each question which will help to upgrade your knowledge base and gauge your competence level at regular intervals

  • In sync with changing Dynamics and Pattern of Mains exam

  • Focus on continuous improvement of answer writing skills

  • Coverage of nearly entire syllabus and detailed explanation in model answers  which will help aspirants to understand the dynamics of UPS= mciins Pyrim rind z 6,500% align the preparation in a proactive and systematic manner

  • One of the most reliable, accessible and affordable test series

Schedule for CMTS – 2020


Essay 1


29th October 2020  (Thursday)


Candidates will be required to write essays on given topics. The choice of subject will be given.


Aspirants are required to keep closely to the subject of the essay, they should try to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion and to write concisely. Effective & exact expression is the key to score better.

Test Paper 1

1st November 2020 (Sunday)

GS Paper 1: Modern History

GS Paper 1: World History

GS Paper 1: Art & Culture

  • Old NCERT – Modern History (Bipan Chandra)
  • Bipan Chandra’s “India’s Struggle for freedom” or Shekhar Bandipadhyay’s “From Plassey to Partition”
  • ” A brief History of Modern India” – Sectrum Publications
  • Chanakya Class Notes for Modern Indian History
  • Old NCERT of World History – Class X & XII by Arjun Dev
  • Mastering Modern World History by Norman Lowe
  • NIOS – Art & Culture
  • An Introduction to Indian Art – Class XI NCERT
  • Chanakya Current Affairs

Test Paper 2

8th November 2020 (Sunday)

GS Paper I – Geography

GS Paper III – Environment

GS Paper III – Disaster Management

  • Class XI NCERT – Fundamental of Physical Geography
  • Class XI NCERT – Indian Physical Environment
  • Class XI NCERT – India People & Economy
  • Old NCERT Books – VI, VII & VIII
  • Certified Physical & Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong
  • Selective Reading of World Geography by Majid Hussain
  • Ecology & Environment by Chanakya Publications
  • Disaster Management – Yojana Magazine
  • Class VII NCERT – Our Environment
  • Class XI Biology NCERT – Unit 10 on Ecology
  • Chanakya Current Affairs

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Test Paper 4

22nd November 2020 (Sunday)

GS Paper II – Constitution, Polity

GS Paper II – Governance

GS Paper II – Social Justice

  • 11th NCERT – Indian Consitution at Work
  • Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant OR Introduction to the Constitution of India by D.D. Basu
  • Chanakya Class Notes (Mains Batch)
  • PRS
  • PIB
  • Yojana & Kurushetra Summary
  • 2nd ARC Report & Puncchi Commission Report
  • Social Problems in India – Ram Ahuja
  • Chanakya Current Affairs

Test Paper 5

27th November 2020 (Friday)

GS Paper II – International Relations

GS Paper III – Security Issues, Indian Society

International Relations

  • https://idsa.in/
  • The Hindu & Indian Express
  • Ministry of External Affairs website
  • Challenges & Strategy; Rethinking India’s foreign policy by Rajiv Sikri
  • Chanakya Current Affairs

Security Issues

  • Ministry of Home Affairs Website
  • Challenges to Internal Security of India by TMH Publications
  • Indian Society – Class XI NCERT
  • Chanakya Current Affairs

Test Paper 6

6th December 2020 (Sunday)

GS Paper IV – Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude; Case Studies

  • 2nd ARC Report on Ethics in Governance
  • Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by G. Subba Rao
  • Chanakya Publications Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

Essay 2

10th December 2020 (Thursday)

Candidates will be required to write essay on specific topics. The choice of subjects will be given

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Test Paper 7

12th December 2020 (Saturday)

Entire Syllabus of GS Paper I

Indian Heritage & Culture, History & Geography of the world & society

GS I: UPSC Mains Simulation Test

Test Paper 8

14th December 2020 (Monday)

Entire Syllabus of GS Paper II

Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice & International Relations

GS II: UPSC Mains Simulation Test

Test Paper 9

16th December 2020 (Wednesday)

Entire Syllabus of GS Paper III

Technology, Economic Development

Biodiversity – Environment, Security & Disaster Management

GS III – UPSC Mains Simulation Test

Test Paper 10

18th December 2020 (Friday)

Entire Syllabus of GS Paper IV

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

GS IV – UPSC Mains Simulation Test

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