“I felt sleepy the moment I start thinking about studying “ , “I don’t find the right time to study” , “whenever I study there some or other work”… such excuses continues forever. The main thing lacking here MOTIVATION. Everyone has this question how to keep ourselves motivated throughout , what all things are needed?? Here are some answers to your question where you will find simpler answers for your complex questions.

Motivation is an urge to behave or portrayed in a manner that will satisfy our wishes, desires, or goals . or simply quoting motivation is the ‘why’ behind all our actions. MOTIVATION is both intrinsic and extrinsic. For being motivated one should have a goal. Once you have a goal one should have the capability to face the upcoming trodding challenges that could activate one intrinsic motivation .

After this the person has to persist the change where he has to show endurance and the acceptance towards the changes are required. Persistence towards the change is required for better functioning.

Now the work has been set certain tips can help in maintaining these factors :-

  • Know the cause behind your excuses as these are the reasons behind procrastination.

  • Set short term goals that would be more realistic and achievable. Short term goals are tend to be more fruitful and productive.

  • Don’t forget to reward yourself for these achievements. These rewards help keep you motivated towards future goals.

  • Plan smartly about your study schedule and routine ; efficiently divide time for everything & try to exclude the distractors.

  • Be clear, confident and correct about what your goals.

  • Get answers to all you whys , whats, hows !!

  • Frame mind maps for your progress. These maps function brain more systematically and also gives a direction to your progress.

  • Don’t burst yourselves out by overburdening with unrealistic tasks that can lead to exhaustion.

  • Avoid multitasking. Focus on one task at a time .

  • Use of pomodoro technique, this technique works best to beat the boredom of studying every time. There are few steps required for this :-

    “It starts with setting a timer for 25 minutes where once the timer goes off the person is allowed to take a break. Likewise, we can divide the time into various blocks and are repeated continuously.This not only keeps the person motivated but also increases attention , focus and concentration that leads to better understanding.” 

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