To prepare for upcoming UPSC CSE 2020, it is important that you have prior knowledge of the books to refer for preparation. Knowledge of the resources is like a key step in your preparation. There are thousands of books available in the market for UPSC preparation, but only a few provides in-depth knowledge on the topics important for Civil Services Exam. Here is a list of important books recommended by Chanakya IAS Academy to help you prepare for UPSC CSE 2020.


Name of the BookAuthor/Publication
Indian PolityLaxmikant

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Name of the BookAuthor/Publication
Indian Economy Uma Kapila
MacroeconomicsNCERT Class XII
Indian Economic DevelopmentNCERT Class XI
Economic SurveySelective reading from Prelims perspective
The Hindu / Business StandardsNewspapers
Internet for Understanding ConceptsInvestopedia, Google, Youtube
Chanakya IAS Academy Books on EconomyPart 1 & Part 2

Ancient History of India

Name of the BookAuthor/Publication
Old NCERTRS Sharma
Themes in Indian HistoryPart 1

Medieval History of India

Name of the BookAuthor/publication
Old NCERTSatish Chandra (Selective Reading)
Themes in Indian HistoryPart II

Modern History

Name of the BookAuthor/publication
A brief history of Modern IndiaSpectrum Publications
India's struggle for IndependenceBipan Chandra (Selective Reading)
NCERTBipan Chandra (For the period 1700s to 1857)
Themes in Indian HistoryPart III

Indian Art & Culture

Name of the BookAuthor/publication
An Introduction to Indian ArtClass XI NCERT
NCERTChapters related to culture in Ancient and Medieval India
Centre for Cultural Resource and Training (CCRT) material
NCERTHeritage Crafts: Living Craft Traditions of India -NCERT

Environment and Biodiversity

Name of the BookAuthor/Publication
Book on Ecology & BiodiversityChanakya IAS Academy
Science: Class XII Biologylast four Chapters (13 to 16)
Monthly MagazineChanakya IAS Academy

General Science

Name of the BookAuthor/Publication
General Science BooksIX and X standard
The Hindu(Note down and read about the latest scientific terms, discoveries and inventions frequently mentioned in news)


Name of the BookAuthor/Publication
Fundamentals of Physical GeographyClass XI NCERT
India: Physical EnvironmentClass XI NCERT
Fundamentals of Human GeographyClass XII NCERT
India: People & EconomyClass XII NCERT
Certificate Physical & Human GeographyGC Leong

Government Schemes

Name of the BookAuthor/Publication
Government Schemes CompilationChanakya IAS Academy

Current Affairs

Name of the BookAuthor/Publication
NewspapersThe Hindu / Indian Express
Monthly MagazineChanakya IAS Academy

Paper 1

Name of PaperName of the BookAuthor/Publication
A History of Ancient & Early Medieval India Upinder Singh
History of Modern India Bipin Chandra (2009 Edition)
India’s Struggle for Independence Bipin Chandra & Others
India After Independence (1947 - 2000) Bipin Chandra & Others
From Plassey To Partition by Sekhar Bandopadhyaya
The Story of Civilization, Part 2 NCERTArjun Dev
Contemporary World History for class XII Old NCERT Book
Mastering Modern World History Norman Lowe
SOCIAL ISSUES PART 1Chapters on Communalism, Secularism and Urban Issues such as Poverty, Housing, etc.XII Standard NCERT
Indian Society (Chapters on Unity & Diversity and Population Issues)XI Standard NCERT on Indian Society
NewspaperThe Hindu / Indian Express
WORLD PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY and INDIAN GEOGRAPHYCertificate Physical & Human Geography (Oxford) Goh Cheng Leong
(1) India - Physical Environment
(2) Fundamentals of Physical Geography
XI Standard NCERT
(1) India - People & Economy
(2) Fundamentals of Human Geography
XII Standard NCERT
School Atlas Orient Black Swan
Indian GeographyD. R. Khullar

Paper 2

SubjectName of the BookAuthor/Publication
POLITY AND CONSTITUTION OF INDIAConstitution of India at Work (Class XI) NCERT Publication
Indian PolityLaxmikanth
NewspaperThe Hindu / Indian Express
Yojana MagazineChanakya IAS Academy
GOVERNANCEFrom Government to Governance Kuldeep Mathur
Ethics in GovernanceARC Report
Citizen Centric Administration Chapters 2, 5, 6, 7 & 8 only and box items in the report
Governance and social sector in India
DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUESHuman Development Report & World Development Report
Panchayati Raj in India Kuldeep Mathur
NewspaperThe Hindu / Indian Express
Kurukshetra & Yojana MagazinesChanakya IAS Acadmey
INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSIndia’s Foreign Policy Since IndependenceV.P. Dutt
NewspaperThe Hindu / Indian Express
India and The World & international institute Chanakya Publications Pvt Ltd

Paper 3

SubjectName of the BookAuthor/Publications
INDIAN ECONOMYIndian Economic Development XI Standard NCERT
Indian EconomyUma Kapila
Introductory Macro Economics XII Standard NCERT (Ignore all diagrams & mathematical formulas)
NewspaperThe Hindu / The Indian Express
Economics DictionaryCollins & Penguins
Economic SurveyChanakya IAS Academy Analysis
Indian Economy Part A & BChanakya Publications Pvt Ltd
ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENTCertificate Physical & Human Geography Goh Cheng Leong (Second Half of the Book)
Biology (Chapters pertaining to Ecology)XII Standard NCERT
Chapters on EnvironmentIndia Year Book
NewspaperThe Hindu / The Indian Express
Ecology & Biodiversity Chanakya Publications Pvt Ltd
SECURITY ISSUESIndia’s Security in a Turbulent World Jasjit Singh, published by National Book Trust of India
NewspaperThe Hindu / Indian Express
National Security and Disaster ManagementChanakya Publication Pvt Ltd
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYBiologyVIII, IX & X Standard Books
NewspaperThe Hindu / Indian Express
Science Reporter for Science & Technology’Monthly Magazine

Paper 4

SubjectName of the BookAuthor/Publications
ETHICS, INTEGRITY & APTITUDEEthics in GovernanceARC Report
Ethics, integrity & aptitude Chanakya IAS Academy

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