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UPSC in its notification for the Civil Services Examination categorically mentions current events of national and international importance as a part of the syllabus. Hence any confusion pertaining to the weightage or the preparation of current affairs should be put to rest. Sincere aspirants cannot afford to underplay the significance of current affairs if they aspire to clear the Civil Services Examination.

Addressing the many challenges faced by aspirants and simplifying the preparation process, Chanakya IAS Academy has introduced its monthly current affairs magazine, “Chanakya Civil Services Today”. This magazine is a comprehensive resource that condenses the significant news of each month into distinct sections such as polity and governance, economic development, science & technology, among others. Moreover, the magazine features vital articles from the UPSC CSE perspective. Notably engaging elements like infographics and mind maps have been seamlessly integrated, enhancing the efficiency of learning, revision, and recall. Important events and related geographical locations pertinent to current affairs are covered through mapping and essential governmental schemes are explained, Further, each section is succeeded by quizzes and mains practice questions, collectively elevating the entirety of the learning expedition.

Every piece of news is dealt with special care after thorough analysis & research. And presented in a format where-in every attempt is made to simplify seemingly complicated news and establish connections with the static portion of the syllabus. This approach not only encourages critical thinking amongst aspirants but prepares them to answer questions with confidence & proper knowledge.

Guidance/ messages from Founder & Chairman of Chanakya IAS Academy Success Guru AK Mishra & interview transcripts of toppers help aspirants with formulating strategies and keeping them motivated through their preparation journey.

Attention to the overall layout of the magazine including the use of pictures & font size certainly helps in breaking the monotony. The above-mentioned reasons plus the easy availability of the magazines in PDF format which can be conveniently downloaded from the website make Chanakya Civil Services today a must-read for any serious aspirant aspiring to secure a formidable rank in the UPSC CSE.

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