Daily Editorials To be Read for 27th January 2020

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The Hindu:

  1. At the heart of republic- Gopalkrishna Gandhi
  2. The four phases of constitutional interpretation- Chintan Chandrachud
  3. Deriving authority from “we the people”- Valerian Rodrigues
  4. Enemies of writing- A S Panneerselvan
  5. Black and Grey
  6. Dubious Decision

Indian Express

  1. The language of belief- Parappanangadi Unnikrishnana Panikkar
  2. Betrayal of Gandhi- Rajmohan Gandhi
  3. A case of trespass
  4. Restoring Trust

Live Mint-

  1. Five reasons businessmen are gloomier than they should be- Sandipan Deb
  2. The convergence of rich nations with the rest has gone off track- Vivek Dehejia
  3. Its time Brazil and India gave trade ties a turboboost- Nelson W. Cunningham
  4. The most anti government protests yet- Manu Joseph
  5. Do not let online trolls menace our public life

The Economic Times

  1. Who the cupboard is bare- Omkar Goswami
  2. Now, enter the dragon- Saibal Dasgupta
  3. Thebrepublic at 70: Court’s vital role
  4. For the ones Who silently served

Business Standard

  1. The next beg development challenge- Arvind Subramanian & Josh Felman
  2. Is it time revisit the Budget 2000 Promise?- Tamal Bandyopadhyay
  3. What can macro policy do?- Ajay Shah
  4. On improved opinion polls for Delhi- Atanu Biswas
  5. Locust attacks have links with Climate Change- Sunita Narain
  6. CPI needs rejig
  7. ISRO’s new orbit

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