Daily Editorials To be Read for 24th January 2020

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The Hindu

  1. Budgeting for jobs, skilling and economic revival: Ram Singh
  2. As India prepares to honour Bolsonaro: Krishnan Srinivasan
  3. Needless impatience.
  4. Unprecedented step.

The Indian Express

  1. The human face of law: Pratiksha Baxi
  2. Focus on Farmers: Ajay Vir Jakhar
  3. Lady Gaganaut.

Live Mint

  1. Frame rules to govern how devices identify us.
  2. There’s a Gandhian third way for an inclusive economy: Arun Maira
  3. The Constitution prevails in the world of business too: Mamta Tiwari

The Economic Times

  1. Aim at the relevant target: Ajay Chhibber
  2. Risks of Digitisation with NPR: C P Geevan
  3. Corporate Bond Repo Should become real.
  4. Preparing for the Novel Corona Virus.

Business Standard

  1. A climate change-sparked meltdown: Jack Ewing
  2. Mega mergers and mega pension liabilities: Ritobrata Sarkar
  3. It is all about global risk mitigation: Claude Smadja
  4. Andhra’s capital errors.

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