Daily Editorial To Read for 9th January 2020

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The Hindu

  1. A multilateral alternative, by Asia: Mukul Sanwal
  2. The Indian Constitutions’s unitary tilt: Aradhya Sethiya
  3. From the brink of war.
  4. Reality check.
  5. It is high time the National Defence University takes off: Arjun Subramaniam

Indian Express

  1. Reading between faultlines: Shahsi Tharoor and Samir Saran
  2. Drone-delivered Injustice: Sarjan P Shah
  3. Window for Peace.
  4. Weathering the Storm.
  5. Empathy for the other: Dushyant Dave

Live Mint

  1. Critics of JNU should set up a university to compete with it: Salil Tripathi
  2. This will not be the end of US-Iran hostilities.
  3. Religion would serve us well by fading from public spaces: Biju Dominic
  4. A post-Soleimani perspective from the republic of Iran: Abbas Milani

The Economic Times

  1. Some universal Home Truths: Bibek Debroy and Sajeesh Kumar N
  2. Do we smell Discrimination: Raj K Agarwal and Rakesh Gupta
  3. Frankly Weak Growth Honestly Reported
  4. Don’t Love the Startups to Death.

Business Standard

  1. Channelling into a new streams: Nivedita Mukerji
  2. The highs and lows of Digital India: Subhomoy Bhattacharjee
  3. The darkening sky: Shankar Acharya
  4. Don’t depend on MPC alone.
  5. Increasing green cover.

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