Editorial to Read for 8th June 2020

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  1. Upper hand
  2. Profit, not profiteering
  3. Paging the private sector in the COVID fight- Vijayashree Yellappa & A. Venkat Raman
  4. In Persian Gulf littoral, cooperative security is key- Hamid Ansari
  5. Addressing the elephant in the room- Tarsh Thekaekara


  1. Undoing the damage
  2. Delhi Diktat
  3. Death of an elephant- Aakash Joshi
  4. Relying on India- M Venkaiah Naidu
  5. From Subsidies to cash transfers- Ashok Gulati


  1. Guest protocols
  2. PM Modi’s idea of taking markets to Indian farmers
  3. What India’s economy needs as we reopen it
  4. What we learn by looking at poverty as a pandemic


  1. Economics and welfare
  2. Last opportunity
  3. Can the State let employers walk away from lockdown wages?
  4. The biggest reform, or a farce in 3 Acts?
  5. Looking beyond crises


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