Daily Editorial To Read for 8th January 2020

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The Hindu

1. Retrieving ideas of democracy and nation: Valerian Rodrigues
2. There is a flaw with this military post: Manish Tewari
3. Amidst a tragedy, an opportunity: Amitabh Mattoo
4. The road to radicalisation: Akshat Upadhyay

Indian Express

1. Why I quit the panel: C P Chandrasekhar
2. Sobering Account.
3. Friendship and progress: Amartya Sen
4. Children of lesser gods: Shah Alam Khan

Live Mint

1. There is a case for shorter and sweeter Union budget speeches: R Jagannathan
2. How Britain got ahead of us in economic development: Rahul Mathan
3. A growth figure that’s low but not disastrous.

The Economic Times

1. Restore Trust as First Step: T K Arun
2. The Shringla Accord: Seema Sirohi
3. Make it Indian, Not Russian vs S. Korean.

Business Standard

1. Climate stress-test, robo-cars and more in 2020: Vandana Gombar
2. Building blocks in the NIP: Jyoti Mukul
3. Implications of a majoritarian agenda: Shyam Saran
4. Over to the budget.
5. Dealing with the GST fraud.

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