Editorial to Read for 7th September 2020

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  1. Court’s drift and chinks in the judiciary’s armour- Ajit Prakash Shah
  2. Too close for comfort
  3. Policy lessons in Tamil Nadu’s language formula
  4. Mixed messaging
  5. The many challenges in estimating deaths


  1. Breach of trust- T M Thomas Isaac
  2. Keep talking
  3. Unlocking the metro
  4. A new tax pact- Suranjali Tandon
  5. Perils of a K-shaped recovery- Vikram S Mehta
  6. A different court- Christophe Jaffrelot


  1. Get real, Beijing
  2. We should reinforce our red carpet with reforms
  3. India’s growth story has never seemed so endangered


  1. MGNREGA today and tomorrow
  2. Exporters may not get much help from RoDTEP
  3. Covid-19 may be ‘act of god’ but cleaning balance sheets is human task
  4. Life after moratorium, for banks and borrowers

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