Daily Editorial To Read for 6th February 2020

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The Hindu

  1. Fashioning the framework of a new India: Indira Hirway
  2. Course correction for the speaker’s office: Anmolam and Farheen Ahmad
  3. A time for solidarity, not stigma: James Chau
  4. Purifying water.

The Indian express

  1. The other budgets: Neelkanth Mishra
  2. About choice and Eugenics: Prachinkumar Ghodajkar
  3. Assault on edifice: Sugata Bose
  4. Healing old wounds in Northeast: A Surya Prakash
  5. Virus across Borders.

Live Mint

  1. Algorithms can harass honest taxpayers too.
  2. The quest for cleaner and better vehicle needs a clear roadmap: Rajan Wadhera
  3. India’s puzzle of consumption, credit and confidence: Abheek Singhi and Kanika Sanghi

The Economic Times

  1. Institutional Tukde-Tukde: Sukanta Chaudhuri
  2. Change in These Inflated Times: Abhishek Gupta
  3. Welcome ambition on Defence Production

Business Standard

  1. Top-down Budget: Nivedita Mookerji
  2. Early warning signals on tax revenue: A K Bhattacharya
  3. Why India functions the way it does: Shyam Ponappa
  4. Speaking Volumes: Kanika Datta
  5. Stay the course.
  6. Long on ideas.

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