Editorial to Read for 3rd June 2020

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  1. Monumental hurry
  2. Monsoon bounty
  3. Scripting a new narrative for COVID control- M.S. Seshadri & T. Jacob John
  4. Multilateralism in the new cold war- Mukul Sanwal
  5. The challenge of law enforcement postCOVID19- R.K. Raghavan
  6. A reformative and fiscal package-S.N. Subrahmanyan


  1. I can’t breathe
  2. The slowdown
  3. Getting away with the murder- Ashutosh Varshney
  4. A new Frontier- Raghunath Mashelkar
  5. The counters of recovery- C. Rangarajan & D.K Srivastava
  6. Shoring up Indo-Pacific- Emmaneul Lenain


  1. PM’s call to industry
  2. Shield online platforms for content moderation to work
  3. It’s time to play hardball with China over its misadventures
  4. Push aside barricades to expand digital transactions


  1. Untested Covid control
  2. The corona deals
  3. The problem of tax buoyancy

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