Editorial To Read for 3rd January 2020

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The Hindu

  1. In the ruins of unilateralism– Stanly Johny
  2. When defection is a mere detour for an MLA – S.Y. Qurashi
  3. Should the FM tweak direct taxes to spur the economy?
  4. Berth pangs.
  5. A weak test.
  6. Minimizing the housing divide – M. Mahadev

The Indian Express

  1. NRC’s cost-benefit analysis – PriyaranjanJha
  2. Data and its Discontents – Divij Joshi
  3. A revenue gap.
  4. Anarchy, ours and theirs – Mani Shankar Aiyer
  5. Why I protest as a Muslim – Irena Akbar
  6. The way ahead in Manipur – ThangkhanlalNagaihte

Business Standard

  1. Quantifying the social burden on railway finance – VinayChatterjee
  2. Citizenship protests can change politics– YogendraYadav
  3. Let’s stop making cash the villain – AjitBalakrishnan
  4. Reforming Railways.
  5. Dialogue for growth
  6. Back to the public sector?- Rathin Roy


  1. An Indian Baby boom that is not really one.
  2. A faulty service delivery system could thwart any rural stimulus – Himanshu
  3. The hope for businesses that this decade might herald – SundeepKhanna
  4. India’s twin deficits and internet connectivity and GST revenue – Indira Rajaraman

The Economic Times

  1. Hip Hip .. Huawei– SaibalDasgupta
  2. For a debt Market to fund Infrastructure.
  3. Welcome Rise in Dec GST Collection.
  4. Logistics is most logical– Naman Vijay

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