Editorial to Read for 27th December 2019

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  1. Endless wait
  2. Cracks in the relic
  3. The Data Protection Bill only weakens user rights- Apar Gupta
  4.  Assam’s identity fears face up to divisive politics- Udayon Mishra
  5. Disrupting the gender-blind political discourse in India- Pulapre Balakrishnan


  1. Crossing a line
  2. Bad in law, poor in history- Atul Nanda
  3. A more progressive act- Raja Muzaffar Bhat
  4. The perils of misinformation- Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
  5. Restructuring isn’t always reform- Ajay Shukla


  1. There is a method to India’s sell-off agenda
  2. Driverless cars will drive a lot of market disruption in the 2020s- Jaspreet Bindra
  3. The relevance of a good competition policy at our aims- Pradeep S. Mehta
  4. Critics of the anti-CAA protests should widen their perspective- Salil Tripathi

The Economic Times

  1. CDS should have unified command
  2. Future of India’s Green fund from coal

Business standard

  1. Time running out for PSBs
  2. Private mining, finally
  3. Year of gig workers- Shyamal Majumdar
  4. NRC and CAA: Lies, truths, and half-truths- Aakar Patel
  5. Can US-China decoupling work?- Claude Smadja

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