Editorial to Read for 23rd June 2020

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  1. Vigilance paramount
  2. In antiracism fight, the Lyndon B. Johnson option- Dipankar Gupta
  3. A way out of undelineated borders- Mukul Sanwal
  4. The lone wolf threat
  5. Promote people power against COVID19- K. Srinath Reddy
  6. Transparency during a crisis- Anjali Bhardwaj


  1. End of make-believe-C Raja Mohan
  2. Step up the fight
  3. Securing the sea lanes- Vijay Gokhale
  4. An indomitable resolve


  1. Punitive action
  2. Ignoring Chinese threat proves deadly in Ladakh
  3. Why trade openness and national security go together
  4. The futile withdrawal of facial recognition software by Big Tech


  1. Covid-19: What next?
  2. Happy monsoon season: Unemployment rate falls to pre-lockdown level of 8.5%
  3. The question of structural growth
  4. How to bring down the price of land


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