Editorial to Read for 23rd December 2019

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The Hindu

  1. Ironing out the wrinkles in trade dispute adjudication: Jay Manoj Sanklecha
  2. Undoing harms.
  3. The tree-step communal game plan: Prakash Karat
  4. A Hindu critique of Hindutva: Avijit Pathak
  5. Towards a non-toxic news environment: A.S.Paneerselvan

The Indian Express

  1. The Worst is over: Manish Sabharwal
  2. Why I am Anxious: Mohamed Thaver
  3. Operation Twist.
  4. Some onion lessons: Ashok Gulati and Harsh Wardhan
  5. Crime and instant punishment: G P Ghosh

The Mint

  1. Ease the path for wide 5G network adoption.
  2. It is high time we give our right to internet access legal sanctity: Nitin Pai
  3. A fiscal strategy for India in the deficit-stimulus gap: Rajrishi Singhal

The Economic Times

  1. Cooking Religious Inequity: Omkar Goswami
  2. What should be Focus of Next Budget?
  3. Finally, an End to Data Infirmity in the Offing:

The Business Standard

  1. Where have all the women bankers gone?- Tamal Bandyopadhyay
  2. Increasing the efficacy of monetary policy: Rajiv Shastri
  3. Twisting the curve.
  4. The global easing cycle.
  5. Protecting a peoples democracy: Nitin Desai





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