Daily Editorial To Read for 21st January 2020

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The Hindu

1. Redesigning India’s ailing data system: R. B. Barman
2. Guaranteeing healthcare, the Brazilian way: Miguel Lago and Arthur Aguillar
3. The great Indian citizenship mess: Faizan Mustafa & Aymen mohammad

The Indian Express

1. Acting in Concert: Josep Borrell Fontelles
2. The deficit bogey: Soumya Kanti Ghosh
3. Delhi-Davos disconnect: C Raja Mohan

Live Mint

1. Our GST has deficiencies but let us not jump to judgement: V Anantha Nageswaran
2. The scientific temper that India requires for inclusive growth: Narayan Ramachandran

The Economic Times

1. This Time, Some Discipline: Ashok V Desai
2. Inequality is an economic drag: Varsha S Kulkarni & Raghav Gaiha
3. Reflexive throwback to pre-reform India.
4. For full Disclosure of Fiscal Dearth.

Business Standard

1. The Real unemployment challenge: Mahesh Vyas
2. A flawed strategy.
3. Grim Scenario.
4. Investor expectations from the Budget: Akash Prakash
5. Natural farming for fiscal prudence?- Arunabha Ghosh & Niti Gupta

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