Daily Editorial To Read for 21st February 2020

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The Hindu

  1. Losing a nation, in seven acts- Satish Deshpande
  2. Gearing up to fight the next big viral outbreak- Vinod Thomas
  3. Advantage hardliners- Ramin Jahanegloo
  4. What distinguishes welfare measures from freebies?- Ritika Khera & Lekha Chakraborty
Indian Express
  1. The right to not return- Prashant Bhushan & Cheryl Dsouza
  2. Putting neighbours first- Sujan R Chinoy
  3. Conquering the green frontier- Jayant Sinha
  4. Public to Private

Live Mint

  1. A deceptively true Rembrandt and the humanisation of AI- Jaspreet Bindra
  2. Steer clear of policy shocks to achieve economic goals- Parag Waknis
  3. What if we could wipe out all infectious diseases?- C.Y. Gopinath

The Economic Times

  1. No go to the status Quo- Manish Sabharwal
  2. 5G in the time of telecholra?- Sanjay Kapoor & Ayon Banerjee
  3. Stick to a simple parametric insurance
  4. Link PAN to Aadhar, secure Data by law
Business Standard
  1. Turning a threat into opportunity- Chandrajit Banerjee
  2. Required: Institutional Capacity- Vinayak Chatterjee
  3. Argentina’s Crisis
  4. Why India’s census is in Trouble- Aakar Patel
  5. Taxing Targets
  6. Rocky Road for highways

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