Editorial to Read for 21st December 2019

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The Hindu

  1. The virtual effacement of civil liberty: Suhrith Parthasarathy
  2. A premature denouncement of the Citizenship Act: Subramanian Swamy
  3. Net loss.

The Indian Express

  1. Unreasonable Restrictions: Malvika Prasad
  2. A fraying Pact.
  3. Uneasy nation, lines within: Arun Prakash
  4. The language of revenge: Shah Alam Khan
  5. Crime and instant punishment: G P Ghosh

The Business Standard

  1. What’s the hullabaloo over the citizenship act?- Sunanda K Datta-Ray
  2. A bureaucratic nightmare awaits us: Rahul Jacob
  3. Re-think GST: T N Ninan
  4. Road-tracking criminals: S Murlidharan




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