Editorial to Read for 20th December 2019

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The Hindu

  1. Inaccurate diagnosis, draconian remedy: Kabeer Shrivastava
  2. Protest and order.
  3. Should the government exit navratna companies?

The Indian Express

  1. What the young say: Najeeb Jung
  2. Without Fear.
  3. Rest the Boardroom.
  4. India’s Great Slowdown: Arvind Subranian and josh Felman
  5. A Moral Law: Pradeep Bhandari

The Mint

  1. Some questions that can lead us to a brighter future: Kapil Vishwanath
  2. Let politics not divert attention from s looming economic crisis: Sudipto Mundle
  3. The country needs to focus on peace.

The Economic Times

  1. Housing Sector Needs a Home: Shrikant Joshi
  2. Against Burning Woods to Protect the Wood
  3. Bond, Name’s Corporate Bond: Jaideep Mishra

The Business Standard

  1. Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide: Devangshu Datta
  2. The new face of environment activism: Jyoti Mukul
  3. Natural partners, Unnatural times: Ajai Shukla
  4. Don’t over-react on GST.
  5. Mixed signals.
  6. Translating economic scale into financial heft: Shyam Sharan



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