Daily Editorial To Read for 2nd March 2020

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The Hindu:

  1. A plural legacy more vital than ever- Mahesh Rangarajan
  2. Whither tribunal independence?- Rahul Unikrishnan
  3. No country for protesters- G. Sampath
  4. Journalistic norms during communal violence- A.S. Panneerselvan
  5. Viral economics
  6. A big, bad deal
  7. A deal that increases uncertainty

Indian Express

  1. Delhi and after- Ashutosh Varshney
  2. Tackling the big three- Ashok Gulati & Kriti Khurana
  3. An Uneasy pact

Live Mint

  1. Friendship is one of the things about India that 2014 changed- Sandipan Deb
  2. Climate change and geo-politics coverage to yield locust swarms- Nitin Pai
  3. The globalisation of crashes, panics and pandemics- Rajrishi Singhal

The Economic Times

  1. Rid Dividend Tax of all uncertainty

Business Standard

  1. Secretaries and Accountability- A.K. Bhattacharya
  2. Why our court system is not in good health- Karan Thapar
  3. Virus vs trade- Mihir S Sharma
  4. Greater transparency

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