Editorial to Read for 17th June 2020

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  1. Closed again
  2. A quota cases
  3. Nepal ties and the Benaras to Bengaluru spectrum- Manjeev S. Puri
  4. Rural India, the new viral flash point- M.S. Seshadri & T. Jacob John
  5. Of gods and governments- Ram Singh & Utkarsh Leo
  6. For better conditions of work- Devaki Jain


  1. An Inflection Point
  2. Language of Justice
  3. Resolve and prudence- Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury
  4. A moment of solidarity- Sanjib Baruah
  5. Chronicle of a havoc foretold- Nalini Singh


  1. Rupee denominated convertible debt instrument – need to add this arrow to the fund-raising quiver?
  2. A fiscal boost could act like a deflation vaccine
  3. Immunity passports might be inevitable as we go along
  4. A redesigned social contract for altered post-pandemic realities


  1. Perils of face-recognition
  2. Inequality, alienation, rage
  3. Financing revival through household gold
  4. The oil factors

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