Daily Editorial To Read for 16th January 2020

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The Indian Express

1. Reset and refocus: Amartya Lahiri
2. Abdication, not deferral: Chintan Chandrachud
3. One Railway: Bibek Debroy
4. Slow Connection.
5. Power replay.
6. Take Care, Diego.

Live Mint

1. We are all prisoners of the attention economy now: Sundeep Khanna
2. The youth are better guardians of our future than politicians: Biju Dminic
3. Jeff Bezos and the idea of a factory in space.

The Economic Times

1. Call Up the Right numbers: Sachchidanand Shukla
2. Join Global Value Chains and RCEP.
3. To defend Against Weaponised Dollar.

Business Standard

1. Recasting Indian steel: Kunal Bose
2. Some stability, but risks remain: Neelkanth Mishra
3. Learning from the classroom.
4. Promote oilseed production.

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