Editorial to Read for 16th December 2019

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The Hindu

  1. The distinct cry of an imperiled frontier: Pradip Phanjoubam
  2. Spot the difference between sign and symbol: Devdutta Pattanaik
  3. A virtuous cycle of learning.

The Indian Express

  1. Democratic subversion: Ashutosh Varshney
  2. Realisation, Not Reform: Zehra naqvi
  3. A Band-Aid.
  4. An unneighbourly act: Ashikur Rahman
  5. Shifting corridors of power: Gautam Bhatia

The Mint

  1. A government keen to get money moving.
  2. Why you don’t love immigrants as much as you claim: Manu Joseph
  3. More heat than light on the citizenship Amendment Bill: Vivek Dehejia

The Economic Times

  1. Faster, Higher, Stronger: Arvind Panagariya & Rajeev Mantri
  2. Fifth, in the Symphony: Debkumar Mitra
  3. The cost of India’s Fireign Reserves
  4. FASTag Fast Lane to Fund New Highways.

The Business Standard

  1. Combating climate change: Devangshu Datta
  2. The uncertain times continue for banks: Tamal Bandyopadhyay
  3. For whom the bell tolls: Rajat Mukarji & T.V.Ramachandran
  4. Don’t get spooked by the inflation: Ajay Shah
  5. Circumventing climate action: Sunita Narain
  6. A narrow rally.


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