Daily Editorial To Read for 13th January 2020

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The Hindu:

  1. The warp and weft of religious liberty- Gautam Bhatia & Suhrith Parthasarathy
  2. In martyrdom moment of Iran, America’s own goal- Stanly Johny
  3. Favouring public order over Justice- Apar Gupta
  4. Trust in the age of misinformation- A S Pannerselvan
  5. Lessons from Maradu
  6. Man-Made disaster
  7. Mattar of interpretation

Indian Express

  1. Stars and tripe- Sandeep Dwivedi
  2. Undermining the republic- Prashant Bhushan & Cheryl D’souza
  3. Lets talk about menopause- Apurva Purohit
  4. Think Long term
  5. Remote Control

Live Mint-

  1. Force of moral capital and the advance of nationalism- Sandepan Deb
  2. Endless protests without a clear goal threaten India’s democracy- Vivek Dehejia
  3. Why foes of India’s ruling party may be right this time- Manu Joseph
  4. The hazards of a world that’s virtually got blown to bits- Aresh Shirali

The Economic Times

  1. How bad is the slip Fisc?- Abheeshek Barua& Sakshi Gupta
  2. Getting out is way to grow- MC Govardhan Rangan
  3. Dhanbad police put sedition in its place

Business Standard

  1. Breakthrough in dealing with snakebite- Devanshu Datta
  2. Accept or not, Privatization is on- Tamal Bandyopadhyay
  3. Worry about the tread , not the cycle- Ajay Shah
  4. Migration is the issue here- Sunita Narain
  5. Net freedom

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