Editorial to Read for 11th December 2019

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The Hindu

  1. A patently unconstitutional piece of legislation- Shadan Farasat
  2. Wholly subordinated to the majoritarian nation- Varghese K George
  3. Congress and Partition- V. Sudarshan
  4. Iraq’s autumn of discontent- Mahesh Sachdev

The Indian Express

  1. Instant Justice- Madan B Lokur
  2. Glow in the gathering gloom- Janaki Nair
  3. This land is mine- Harsh Mander
  4. Betrayal of the republic- Faizan Mustafa
  5. Helsinki’s Different

The Economic Times

  1. It is Democracy VS CAB- T K Arun
  2. India’s serious problem: Its Men- Anjana Menon
  3. Inequlity Drag on Human Development


  1. Macroeconomics may not have the answer we are looking for- R Jagannathan
  2. The Rajya Sabha must play its envisaged role
  3. We must guard against the casual disregard of science- Rahul Matthan
  4. Europe has big Malta problem that could shake the union up

Business Standard

  1. The e-car tipping point- Vandana Gombar
  2. Could consumption really have fallen?
  3. The legitimisation of vengeance – Shyam Saran
  4. Back to square one on trade strategy- Rahul Khullar
  5. Simplify I-T structure

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