“Only thing that’s not included in Chanakya’s India Year Book 2017—Irrelevant Information. “

India Year Book (IYB) is an annual book issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. Consistently 13 to 20 questions (out of 100) are directly asked in Preliminary examination and if one studies the India Year Book .2016 PT directly 14 questions have been asked from India Year Book(IYB). Chanakya’s IYB Gist serve as a one-stop source for getting information related to various programs and policies initiated by the government. Through this course, you will be able to complete the entire India Year Book in way less time. We acknowledge that due to its bulkiness aspirants generally skip this book; nevertheless, we can’t neglect its significance.

Make IYB 2017 easier with Chanakya’s IYB Gist

Considering there are numerous sources for static and dynamic subjects—it can be a real time-consuming activity to devour the entire book. What’s the Solution? Go through what’s important and avoid the noise around it. Here is why Chanakya’s IYB Gist is important for you;

  • Comprehensible format for an easy reading
  • Assuring that you do not lose any important data
  • A time saver; so you can revise it multiple times.
  • Concise and Precise
  • Covers every chapter in a very detailed manner
  • Useful for all the three levels; Prelims, Mains and Interview.
  • Covers both Static subjects (Geography, Polity, History, Economy) and Dynamic subjects (Science & Technology, Defense, Current Affairs Art & Culture, Environment and Bio-diversity).
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