Daily Editorials to be Read for 22nd January 2020

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The Hindu

1. Thirty years on, still no spring for the Pandits- Amitabh Mattoo
2. Same country, different script- Sudheendra Kulkarni
3. Right to protest in a free society- Rajeev Bhargava
4. Return of bonds

Indian Express

5. Three as one- Sanjib Baruah
6. No more secrets- Ashok Bhan
7. Federalism is a two-way street- V Muraleedharan
8. Slow and slower
9. A new virus

Live Mint

10. Don’t reduce the fight against corruption to a morality play- R Jagannathan
11. Sitharaman should fix the tax system to boost confidence- Niranajan Rajadhyaksha
12. We must act to stop the future from turning dystopian
13. India Inc should be at the forefront of the climate war- Jamshyd N Godrej & Ashwini Hingne

The Economic Times

14. How to collect more tax- T K ARUN

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