Daily Editorial To Read for 7th May 2020

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  1. Back home
  2. Resuscitating multilateralism with India’s help- Amitabh Mattoo & Amrita Narlikar
  3. Blame game
  4. A warlike state and a bond to the rescue -Rangarajan Mohan Kumara Mangalam
  5. Fear and loathing in the land of the free- Narayan Lakshman
  6. Everyone wants a good stimulus- Srivatsa Krishna


  1. App for a reason
  2. Drink for thought- Pratap Bhanu Mehta
  3. Other healthcare funds
  4. Weak link into strengths- Parameswaran Iyer


  1. A worthy way to fund a big-bang stimulus
  2. The boost that coronavirus has given the cause of science
  3. Business consultants face an inflection point of their own


  1. Fix the complexity in takeovers and delisting
  2. The threat of enfeebled great powers
  3. Kick-start the economy with cash flow
  4. The workplace will change forever

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