Daily Editorial to Read for 18th February 2020

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The Hindu

  1. India’s disturbing trauma narrative: Vikram Patel
  2. May the force be strengthened: K. V. Madhusudhanan
  3. A royal mess.
  4. Women-at-arms.

The Indian Express

  1. The new faultline: Pratap Bhanu Mehta
  2. The $5 trillion arithmetic: Kaushik Basu
  3. When Yankee goes home: C Raja Mohan

Live Mint

  1. An Indian army that can now be led by a woman.
  2. Transparency of information is vital to a country’s progress: Narayan Ramachandran
  3. Start with local languages for the ease of starting a business: V. Anantha Nageshwaran & Madhuri Saripalle

The Economic times

  1. Resolve Dispute Resolution: Hema Ramakrishnan
  2. The Other Asymmetrical War Won: Manoj Joshi
  3. Socking Salaried in the Solar Plexus.
  4. Ever-Green Problem Sprouts in Renewables.

Business Standard

  1. The NEP can wait: Anjuli Bhargava
  2. Drilling an opportunity: Jyoti Mukul
  3. The Misery Index: Mahesh Vyas
  4. The global impact of Wuhan crisis
  5. Women in command.
  6. Making auditors accountable.

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