Daily Editorial To Read for 17th January 2020

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The Hindu
1. The perils of RBI’s fixation on inflation: Pulapre Balakrishnan
2. Of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Chinese ire: Ananth Krishnan
3. Talking of Kashmir.
4. Preventing mob lynching.

The Indian Express
1. An Assault on Reason: D Raja
2. Filtering out free speech: Daphne Keller
3. Crime and Impunity.
4. A genealogy of valour: Prathama Banerjee

Live Mint
1. The puzzle of inflation going up despite low demand in India: Himanshu
2. The learning crisis underlying our unemployment challenge: Sudipto Mundle

The Economic Times
1. Hello to the New Permit Raj: Omkar Goswami
2. India Inc & GoI, Talk & Listen: G R Gopinath
3. Conditional Welcome for Private Trains.

Business Standard
1. Five trends that will shape governance in 2020s: Amit Tandon
2. The chimera of tri-service commands: Ajai Shukla
3. Budget the building blocks of growth: Chandrajit Banerjee
4. Temporary trade truce.
5. Leaving RCEP: A missed opportunity?

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