Correspondence Course – UPSC Study Material

For the aspirants of distant areas or working professionals who are unable to make use of classroom guidance program, Chanakya IAS Academy prepares and publishes the most relevant, concise yet comprehensive study material to impart them relevant knowledge and skills required to excel in Civil Services Examination. Apart from being exhaustive, the material is self-explanatory and includes sufficient practice exercises based strictly on the UPSC pattern. The content of the IAS correspondence course programmes is constantly revised and updated with the aim to provide the best guidance to the students.

Program Highlights

  • Course material is formulated by renowned academicians, ex-IAS officers, and subject experts.

  • Available in Hindi and English both

  • Focus on contemporary issues and case studies

  • Flowchart, diagrams, and figures are exhaustively compiled, for better understanding of the Contents

  • Gist of different section of syllabus covered from NCERT separately

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Number of Books: 6

Number of Pages: 1582 (Eng)

Previous Year’s Question Papers

Rs 4,000


Number of Books: 15

Number of Pages: 4030 (Eng)

Previous Year’s Question Papers

Rs7,000(Not Available)

GS Prelims + Mains + CSAT

Number of Books: 24

Number of Pages: 6548 (Eng)

Previous Year’s Question Papers

Rs10,000(Not Available)

GS Prelims + Mains + Optional + CSAT Free

Number of Books: 29

Number of Pages: 6848 (Eng)

Previous Year’s Question Papers

Rs13,500(Not Available)


Number of Books: 4

Previous Year’s Question Papers


Rs 3,500(Not Available)


Number of Books: 3

Number of Pages: 936 (Eng)/ 507 (Hindi)

Previous Year’s Question Papers

Rs 2,000(Not Available)

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