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All India Radio Repository

Date Topic Importance Audio File
01-11-2016 Formation of States and their achievements Medium Play Audio
02-11-2016 Indo - Nepal Relations Medium Play Audio
03-11-2016 India’s efforts to reduce Disaster Risks High Play Audio
04-11-2016 Consensus at the GST council meeting Low Play Audio
05-11-2016 Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Yojana High Play Audio
06-11-2016 First International Agro– Biodiversity Congress High Play Audio
07-11-2016 India- UK Bilateral Relations High Play Audio
08-11-2016 Judicial decisions on pollution crisis in Delhi High Play Audio
09-11-2016 US Presidential Election Low Play Audio
10-11-2016 Different dimensions of scrapping of High denomination
Currency Notes
High Play Audio
11-11-2016 India & Japan Bilateral Relations High Play Audio
12-11-2016 Demonetization a move to benefit common man High Play Audio
13-11-2016 People's support to make the demonetization successful High Play Audio
14-11-2016 CHILD WELFARE Medium Play Audio
15-11-2016 India-Israel Bilateral Relations Medium Play Audio
16-11-2016 Increase in Minimum Support Price of Rabi Crops Medium Play Audio
17-11-2016 New Aspects of Demonetization High Play Audio
18-11-2016 First Rail Vikas Shivir Low Play Audio
19-11-2016 Steps taken for Ease of Citizens in Demonitization drive Medium Play Audio
20-11-2016 Centre and States measures to resolve cash crunch Medium Play Audio
21-11-2016 Railway sefety measures Medium Play Audio
22-11-2016 By-Elections Results Low Play Audio
23-11-2016 Steps taken to facilitate Farmers in Demonitization Low Play Audio
24-11-2016 Demonetization and public perception Low Play Audio
25-11-2016 Fundamental rights and duties High Play Audio
26-11-2016 Constitution of India on modern document for
major democracy in the World
Medium Play Audio
27-11-2016 Prime Minister’s address to the nation in 'Mann Ki Baat' Low Play Audio
28-11-2016 Is band, a solution of problem High Play Audio
29-11-2016 Nagrota Terror Attack Low Play Audio
30-11-2016 Result of Municipal Election Low Play Audio


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