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All India Radio Repository

Date Topic Importance Audio File
01-06-2016 Increase in MSP of Paddy Low Play Audio
02-06-2016 Verdict on Gulberg society case-1 Low Play Audio
03-06-2016 Monsoon forcast 2016 Low Play Audio
04-06-2016 PM visit to five nations Medium Play Audio
05-06-2016 Challenges of cleaning and greening the environment Medium Play Audio
06-06-2016 FM meeting with heads of Public sector banks Medium Play Audio
07-06-2016 Bihar Board Cheating row Low Play Audio
08-06-2016 PM visit to USA High Play Audio
09-06-2016 PM visit to US and Mexico High Play Audio
10-06-2016 Udta Punjab film controversy Low Play Audio
11-06-2016 Hillary Clinton nomination as Presidential cadidate for USA Low Play Audio
12-06-2016 Rajya Sabha election results Low Play Audio
13-06-2016 Economic resolutions of BJP Low Play Audio
14-06-2016 Office of profit issue in Delhi High Play Audio
15-06-2016 Rising prices of essential commodities Medium Play Audio
16-06-2016 Rajaswa gyan sangam Medium Play Audio
17-06-2016 Verdict on Gulberg society case-2 Low Play Audio
18-06-2016 Attacks on minorities in Bangladesh Medium Play Audio
19-06-2016 Launch of PSLC C34 High Play Audio
20-06-2016 International day of Yoga Medium Play Audio
21-06-2016 Successful launch of PSLV C34 High Play Audio
25-06-2016 NSG meeting and china's role High Play Audio
26-06-2016 PM mann ki baat Medium Play Audio
28-06-2016 Utility of Panchayati raj system High Play Audio
29-06-2016 Cabinet approves 7th pay commission recommendations Medium Play Audio
30-06-2015 Model shops and establishment Bill High Play Audio


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