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All India Radio Repository

Date Topic Importance Audio File
01-07-2016 Introduction of LCA Tejas High Play Audio
02-07-2016 Green Highway Projects High Play Audio
03-07-2016 Dhaka Terror Attack Low Play Audio
04-07-2016 India's prospects in Rio Olympics Low Play Audio
05-07-2016 Expansion of Union Cabinet Low Play Audio
06-07-2016 PM four nation visit to Africa Medium Play Audio
07-07-2016 National Mission for Clean Ganga High Play Audio
08-07-2016 BRICS conference on eradication of Drug Abuses Medium Play Audio
09-07-2016 Tax on Junk Food Medium Play Audio
10-07-2016 Interview with indian high commissioner to Kenya Medium Play Audio
11-07-2016 PM visit to Tanzania and Kenya Medium Play Audio
12-07-2016 Law and order situation in J&K Low Play Audio
13-07-2016 SC decision on Arunachal Pradesh Issue Medium Play Audio
14-07-2016 Operation sankat Mochan in South Sudan Medium Play Audio
15-07-2016 Incident in France in Bastille day function Low Play Audio
16-07-2016 Interstate Council Meeting Medium Play Audio
17-07-2016 Intelligence sharing for internal security High Play Audio
18-07-2016 GST bill High Play Audio
19-07-2016 SC uphold lodha committee report High Play Audio
20-07-2016 Dalit unrest in gujarat Low Play Audio
21-07-2016 Benami transaction prohibition amendment bill 2015 High Play Audio
22-07-2016 PM Uttar pradesh visit Low Play Audio
23-07-2016 Missing of Indian Aircraft AN32 Low Play Audio
24-07-2016 Income declaration scheme High Play Audio
25-07-2016 Political developments in Nepal High Play Audio
26-07-2016 Kargil Vijay diwas Low Play Audio
27-07-2016 flood and disaster managment Medium Play Audio
28-07-2016 15 years vision document of NITI Aayog Medium Play Audio
29-07-2016 Protest against merger of SBI associate banks Low Play Audio
30-07-2015 Deteriorating flood situation in different states Medium Play Audio
31-07-2015 PM mann ki baat address Medium Play Audio


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