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All India Radio Repository

Date Topic Importance Audio File
01-04-2016 Ban on High End Diesel cars to Continue Low Play Audio
02-04-2016 China Block India’s Move Against Massod Azhar at UN Low Play Audio
03-04-2016 PM Saudi Arabia Visit Medium Play Audio
04-04-2016 First Phase of Assembly Elections Low Play Audio
05-04-2016 Inauguration of Stand Up India Scheme High Play Audio
06-04-2016 Panama paper leak High Play Audio
07-04-2016 Role of AYUSH in Indian Health Sector High Play Audio
08-04-2016 New Criteria for IIT JEE Ranking Low Play Audio
09-04-2016 India China Strategic Dialouge Medium Play Audio
10-04-2016 Temple Fire Cracker Tragedy in Kerala Medium Play Audio
11-04-2016 National Eligibility Entrance Test for Medical Courses Low Play Audio
12-04-2016 Monsoon forecast 2016 Low Play Audio
13-04-2016 India USA Defence Cooperation and Make in India High Play Audio
14-04-2016 Social Vision of Dr. Ambedkar medium Play Audio
15-04-2016 Tackling Offshore Tax Evasion medium Play Audio
16-04-2016 G20 Finance Ministers Meeting medium Play Audio
17-04-2016 Water Scarcity in India High Play Audio
18-04-2016 External affairs minister IRAN's visit medium Play Audio
19-04-2016 Making India a Knowledge Society in 21st Century medium Play Audio
20-04-2016 Paris Agreement on Climate Change medium Play Audio
21-04-2016 PM Speech on Civil Services Day medium Play Audio
22-04-2016 Political Development in Uttarakhand medium Play Audio
23-04-2016 PM Ujjawala Yojna High Play Audio
24-04-2016 Gramodaya se Bharat Uday High Play Audio
25-04-2016 Conferences of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices medium Play Audio
26-04-2016 Heart of Asia Conference 2016 medium Play Audio
27-04-2016 President's two nation visit medium Play Audio
28-04-2016 IRNSS 1G High Play Audio
29-04-2016 SC Decision on Common Test for Medical Courses Low Play Audio
30-04-2016 Quota for Economically Weaker Sections medium Play Audio


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